The National Thai Elephant Day 2012 Lampang Thailand

Date: 3-5 February, 2012
Location: Lampang

The National Thai Elephant Day celebration is aimed at raising public awareness of the elephant conservation and informing people of the importance of elephants in Thai history, according to Natural Resources and Environment Minister Preecha Rengsomboonsuk.

In spite of having protection in Thailand elephant numbers have vastly declined over the past 100 years. Back then there were believed to be in the region of 100,00 animals. Today there are only around 3-4 thousand, most of which are being held in captivity.

National Thai Elephant Day will draw the public’s attention to elephants wherever they are, be it in training camp, zoo, rescue centre or wild in the forest. In some establishments the elephants get a day off whilst in others they put on special shows for visitors.

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