National Teacher’s Day Bangkok Thailand 2012

Dates: 01/16/2012 Dates: 01/16/2012 Location: Bangkok

The celebration of National Teacher’s Day 2012 focuses on the concept of following in the footstep of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej is recognized as the “Teacher of the Land.”

Thailand celebrates National Teachers’ Day each year on 16 January , with various activities held in Bangkok and the provinces to underline the importance of teachers and to show gratitude to them.

The Cabinet, during its meeting on in December 2010, endorsed the proposal by the Ministry of Education to present His Majesty the King with the title of the “Teacher of the Land” to honor him in commemoration of his 84th birthday anniversary in 2011.

His Majesty has a special interest in education development and sets himself as a clear example of life-long learning. His royal speeches, addresses, and writings keep reminding all involved of the importance of learning. Regarding formal education, His Majesty established Chitralada School in 1955, where young royal children, children of courtiers, and children from the general public could study together. The school remains in operation today, providing education from the kindergarten to high school levels.

Having learned about the lack of educational opportunities among disadvantaged children during his visits to rural remote areas of the country, His Majesty has instructed the setting up of schools and has given them support. A total of 104 schools are under royal patronage or guidance. He has handed out many scholarships for students wishing to study abroad, and it is hoped that they will work for the country upon their graduation, thus assisting in the development of the country as a whole. To provide non-formal education, His Majesty the King set up Phra Dabos School in 1975, which provides vocational training in various fields for people who lack the means necessary to enter formal schools.

His concept of education involves the roles and duties of educators, or teachers. In his view, educators are obliged to “make good learners,” so that they are able to earn their livelihood and be able to contribute to the country.

Date: 16 January, 2012

Where: Bangkok and the provinces

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day


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