2012 Blue Flag Event In Phetchabun Thailand

Mr. Supachai Eimsuwan, deputy governor of Phetchabun province, presided over the opening of a Blue Flag fair in the province.

Ms. Srisurang Lasongsri, the provincial official for the Department of Internal Trade, reported at the ceremony that the Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, has been given the policy to relieve hardship of citizens whose living conditions have been adversely affected by the present economy. Prices of goods, especially foodstuffs, have been raised.

Thus, to help alleviate the pressure from a high cost of living, and to help stimulate internal trade, Phetchabun province is holding a Blue Flag event from September 8 to 10, 2012, at the provincial city hall. Over 160 entrepreneurs have set up their booths, selling food and other products directly supplied by manufacturers and thus sold at prices 20% to 40% lower than the market. Goods that are being offered at high bargaining prices are eggs, cooking palm oil, and refined sugar.

Interested citizens are invited to visit the fair.

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