Energy & Environment & Eastern Seaboard Cmtes Pattaya Thailand

Dates: 05/18/2012 Dates: 05/18/2012 Times: 09:30 Location: Pattaya

Energy and Environment Committee and Eastern Seaboard Committee ….Eastern Seaboard Plant Tour

A visit Dow’s AIE site which is part of recently completed $3 billion dollars “Thai Growth Project”, a world class facilities including Advanced Specialty Elastomers, Propylene Oxide and Hydrogen Peroxide units. This site employs state of the art technology and is the largest Dow site in Asia-Pacific. The Propylene Oxide plant is the largest one of its kind and 2nd plant in the world that utilizes HPPO technology jointly developed by Dow and BASF which received 40th Kirkpatrick Award (USA), Institution of Chemical Engineers’ Innovation and Excellence Award in Core Engineering (UK), and 2010 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (USA).

After that, we will visit IEAT observation tower for 360 degree view of the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate and Emissions Monitoring Center.

We will also visit GHECO-One, a $1.3 billion 660 MW coal Independent Power Plant operating in May 2012. GHECO-One is a 65/35 joint venture between Glow Energy (the Thai listed subsidiary of International Power GDF Suez) and Hemaraj Land And Development PLC. The plant is operated at international standards, using high quality coals and the state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly technology including the use of Super-critical Pulverized Coal Boiler Technology, a high efficiency boiler system that can reduce consumption of fuel, thus reducing emissions making it one of the cleanest in the world. In addition, Gheco-One initiated emission trading in its Environmental Impact and Health Approvals, reducing existing power plant levels of NOx and SOx by 100 parts for every 80 parts of new emissions as well as contributing to substantial annual community fund.


09:30 Depart from AMCHAM by van

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch at nearby restaurant

13:15 – 15:00 visit Dow site

15:00 -16:00 visit IEAT tower

16:00 – 17:00 visit GHECO

17:00 Leave for Pattaya Marriott

21:00 Depart for return to Bangkok by van

All duration includes travel time to/from other locations.

Lunch will be at Romson Restaurant which is located on the beach. Attendees are welcome to make use of AMCHAM transportation to and from Bangkok.

AMCHAM will also hold an Eastern Seaboard Social Networking at the Pattaya Marriott’s Sala Rim Nam following the sites visit.

Cost:  THB 1,200.00 for Member    THB 1,500.00 for Non-member

Date: 18-May-2012 09:30               

Location:  Pattaya

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