2013 Trang Underwater Wedding Ceremony – Trang

Trang has been introduced and become well-known to the world as a land full of love, charming brown sky and emerald-green sea. Trang Underwater Wedding is initiated to fulfil the dream of lovers by arranging the traditional Thai wedding ceremony, together with a wedding certificate formally signed under the water. With the annually continuation of the ceremony, the event has gained worldwide popularity, impressed by numerous lovers giving their love to each other among the romantic atmosphere. The event attracts so much international interest as the first place in the world, where the wedding was held that the Guinness World Records has awarded this event “The Largest Underwater Wedding Ceremony”. ┬áMoreover, this event also promotes an exotic traditional Thai wedding culture to foreign wedding couples, divers, and tourists from all over the world. The ceremony consists of Buddhism ritual and the traditional Thai wedding ceremony of pouring lustre water. The couples also experience and impress the symbolic hand-woven Thai wedding costume.

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