2013 World Thai Martial Arts Festival and Wai Khru Muay Thai Ceremony – Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Wai Kru Ceremony is a demonstration of the Muay Thai boxers’ respect and gratitude to their teachers in submission to the serious and patient teaching and training. The ceremony is very important, which shows sincere appreciation and perseverance, and also raise the spirit of the boxers. In the earlier day of the event, the boxers have to attend the rituals to worship Nai Khanom Tom who was the famous Thai boxer. Next, there are the youth contest in the Wai Kru Muay Thai or respect paying ceremony, enjoy Thai arts and culture performances including the traditional Thai tattoo, making of Aranyik swords, performing of Thai martial arts, and an exhibition of ancient weapons. After that in the late afternoon, there are Wai Kru Muay Thai ceremony, worshipping Thai ancestral kings and brave soldiers who protected the motherland; namely, King Naresuan the Great, King Suea, and Phraya Phichai Dap Hak, and see the demonstrative performance of “Amazing Thai Elephants” at night.

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