The Annual Prae Wa Silk Festival Kalasin Thailand

The intricate and colorful designs of Prae Wa. The famous of all of the handicrafts of Kalasin . The fabric is woven by the Phu Thai settlers, descendants of Vietnamese immigrants from Meung Taeng.

The annual Kalasin Prae Wa Silk Festival, the largest cultural festival of Kalasin Province, opens with a grand ceremony, followed by a spectacular procession.
For festive fun and entertainment:
  • A contest of the finest Prae Wa silk
  • A Song and Dance contest
  • The decoration of shops using Prae Wa
  • A Prae Wa Costumes Contest
  • A Musical and Ballroom Dance contest
  • A “Pong Lang” folk entertainment contest

Date: 26 February  Р7 March, 2012

Location: Rim Pao Hotel, Amphoe Muang Kalasin

For more information: Tourism Authority of Thailand +66 (0) 0 4324 4498 – 9

Kalasin Fair

Kalasin Fair

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