Dada Dottech talks to Pattaya Events

So Dada? is that your real name and if not where did you get that nick name from?

Dada it’s come from my real name Laphatrada so It’s from the last word Da.  Everyone in Thailand has a nickname.  So mine is Dada.  As far as my dj name I go under Dada Dottech.

I seen you have some funky tattoos on your back when did you make them and what do they mean to you?

I have 3 tattoos. First one I did when I was 15 years old so I just edit it in the last year. Second one that is on my left back, which is of headphones with the actually notes of a song that I really love.  If you’re curious about what song it is, you can read the notes and play it on the piano.  I will keep that a mystery for now.  The other tattoo on the back right shoulder is the logo of Radj Music, the label in which I’ve worked with and I really liked the design.

When did you decided to start playing as a DJ?

I start to studying art of djing dj in 2009 with 3 teachers.  The first is Seven Mania or Joe. Second is Soy the owner of Dj Shop Bkk Thailand and the Third is Sit or Dj sitto.  From there I started to play around with the help of other djs and promoters that gave me the opportunity ppl to play in front of crowds.  I am very thankful to all these people.

Did you learn anything in that school?

I learned a great amount from all the people/teachers that taught me all areas of my musical directions and influences.

Do you have any musical background singing in the shower etc?

When I was young I studied piano and now I dj and produce.  Experiences in each area help the other.  I do not sing.

What programs software and or computers do you use when you playing?

First I only used cdj 400 and djm 400 in my room for practicing. Then I starting using Traktor audio8 for djing with a MacBook pro.

In what countries have you played so far?

I played in Italy in April 2011 around Frosinone at B52 , No Privacy, Penelope and Temazo for private party with my friends.  It was a great experience and I loved the scene and the culture.

What is your tour for next year 2012?

I will back to Italy again maybe in June, which I’m really looking forward to.  There are possibilities of hitting the circuit earlier but nothing set in stone just yet.

When did you start making your own tunes?

I started taking music production seriously in 2010.  Then I got more in-depth with production when I started learning from Canadian producer Soha, most known for his work as a progressive house producer(from the duo Adam K and Soha).  I started using Logic as a sequencer and learned the basics of using synthesizers to apply it to the type of sound I was going for.

Does it sell well ? Have you been in any charts?

I just released my first techno record.  It hasn’t hit the charts yet but the support would be great.  You can buy the record “Coconut Milk – Dada Dottech” from Beatport.  Here is the link below.

I seen you are part of a DJ collective or something similar? Tell me about it?

Yes, I have played on the same bill as well-known Thai Dj’s such as Seven Mania, Tj Tiesjungle, Dj Queen P, Sangsit Kani etc. which from the group Addict Tech Thailand.  I also play along side Dj Ferris B from the UK, doing back to backs and sets together.

What kind of music do you play? Do many Thai DJ play the same kind of style do we have a Thai DJ style?

First I started playing electro house then I changed to house music.  From there I  got into tech house and techno. I don’t think there are many Thai Dj’s playing techno and tech house and I would like to see this scene build here.

What DJ do you admire?

I really respect the work of Avicii and I had the pleasure of seeing him perform when I visited Luxx Club in Oslo Norway.  I was very inspired.  I also like Richie Hawtin and the incredible way he can really put on a great show.  Those are just a couple.

Is it more easy now being a Thai DJ now when Nakadia been playing for a few years abroad?

I’m very happy for Nakadia’s success with her playing abroad and bringing attention to Thai djs.  As far as if it’s easier to be a Dj in Thailand now, I haven’t noticed much of a difference.  It’s not a competition and I think that the proper way for Dj’s in Thailand to succeed is to help each other.  If one person succeeds and helps the next in line then Thai Djs can be a powerful force.

What made you help the flood victims by donating your tune to the floods?

I produced a song called “Coconut Milk – dada Dottech” which was released on the label Radj Music.  Along with Radj Music and label owner Soha from the progressive house duo (Adam K and Soha), we both decided to take all label/artist royalties from Beatport from Nov.2-Nov.16 2011 and give it to “For More Life International”.  Along with this, Soha donated a song from his upcoming Ep. as an added incentive to his own fan base to support the cause.  I have worked with For More Life International and personally helped create care packages containing food, medicines, water and other essentials, which go straight to the people in need.  This gives me confidence that I know the money will go directly to the people.

How did you help more?

This is something that has affected me personally and many others around me and with the company I work for, I help as much as I can day by day.

What’s the plan for New Year? 

This  next year I plan to play out, Djing as much as I can and spend as much time as I can producing tracks in the studio.

Whats the plan for the future?

Like every Dj, I would like to move forward and work hard to get recognition here and abroad for my work.

Thank you 😀 You can see Dada perform at the Furama Jomtien Beach this Saturday 3 December 2011 and for more events check out the Pattaya Event page.

You will find more information about Dada at these locations

Do you see the Tattos on the back of Dada?

Dada Thai DJ

Dada Thai DJ

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