ECCO Flood Experience Networking Thailand

Mr. René Jessen, Logistics Director at ECCO (Thailand), will present the case of last year, when ECCO’s factory and leather tannery in Saha Rattana Nakorn Industrial Estate,Ayutthaya, suffered catastrophic damage from the devastating flooding. Even though ECCO could announce the best sales in history for 2011, the disaster affected 35% of ECCO’s global production.

ECCO has been working to take necessary steps in order to prevent a similar disaster, which greatly impacted its production and employees, from ever occurring again. Such flood prevention measures, however, also depends on whether the Thai government manages to ensure a sufficient infrastructure inSaha Rattana Nakorn Industrial Estate.

Mr. René Jessen will describe what the experience has meant for the company and how the future for ECCO in Thailand looks like.

Date: 25 September, 2012


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