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As Malaysia inches closer towards its most contested General Elections ever, the political temperature in this multiracial nation of 27 million people, has escalated to unprecedented levels. Malaysians are gearing for a summer of change and the welcoming of a long overdue two party system.

Climaxing with this scenario is the sudden commencement of an inquiry into the alleged bribery of top Malaysians, 3000 km across the seas in France.

Despite an almost 100% blackout in Malaysia’s mainstream media, the internet is running riot with the story and at full throttle. It is piling up the challenges for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his men, as they face one of the fiercest electoral battles in Malaysia’s history.


SUARAM, a leading human rights NGO, based in Malaysia, filed a complaint before the French judicial system in April 2010, to investigate mysterious and illegal payments made during the procurement process. This initiative was prompted by the absolute defiance of our public institutions to initiate investigations and allow the truth to surface. Even the Malaysian parliament was given answers contradictory in nature leading to more questions than answers.

In March 2012, after almost 2 years of a preliminary investigation by the public prosecutors in France, a fully inquiry had officially begun at the Tribunal

De Grande Instance, a first degree civil court, presided by 2 senior judges, Roger Le Loire and Serge Tournaire.

Centre to the inquiry is the alleged illegal commissions amounting to half a billion ringgit Malaysia (115 million Euros) that were paid out to Malaysian officials and politicians, deemed illegal and categorized as bribes, after France became a signatory to the OECD convention.

Last July, one of SUARAM’s French lawyers, William Bourdon a top legal advocate, was unceremoniously booted out of Malaysia after explaining details of the case at a SUARAM sponsored event.


A joint press conference between French lawyer (Joseph Breham), representing SUARAM, as a plaintiff in the case, together with the SUARAM team led by Cynthia Gabriel and Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, will be held to reveal further damning details, from the prosecutors’ initial findings, and announce latest developments surrounding the case.

Your participation and presence at this event will be of utmost importance, to help fill in the vacuum of information to the public, of gross corrupt practices, illegal practices involved in arms procurement, in the name of national safety and security.

Dat: 30 May, 2012

Location: Penthouse, Maneeya Center Building

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